Who is Professor “Staff”And how can this person teach so many classes?

Posted on: August 23rd, 2012 by Taylor Fontes No Comments

The New Faculty Majority has released a report today based on the findings of an on-line survey administered to contingent faculty across the United States.  Although there are a slew of issues that concern contingent faculty with regard to working conditions, two were most salient according to the results of the survey: “just-in-time” hiring practices and limited access to pedagogical resources.  The former refers to practices which give as little as two or three weeks notice to adjuncts that they have a class, giving them very little time to prepare and essentially forcing them to use unpaid time to do so.  The latter refers to a dearth of resources including library, clerical and technological, just to name a few, that make it nearly impossible to create a quality course and leaving the students to suffer an inferior educational experience.  The recommendations include encouraging institutions of higher education to engage in more data collecting and analysis of contingent working conditions and to follow up with mandates that administrators use the analyses to reform working conditions for contingent faculty, ultimately raising standards for their students.

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