University Senate

The Hofstra University Senate is shared governance at its best — members represent faculty, administration, staff and students. Faculty senators are elected by their School/Unit colleagues, students and staff hold their own elections, and the Senate includes one representative from the Chairs and one from the Deans. In addition, administrators are invited to join at the behest of the Provost with the approval of the full body. The Senate meets once monthly during the academic year to discuss ideas weighty and interesting — moving often to resolutions that will improve our campus, our academics, our working lives, and our many constituents. These resolutions then go to the Full University Faculty for discussion and most usually adoption.

Senate terms are three years, and there is a two-term limit. Senate participation requires attendance at monthly Senate meetings, held at 3 p.m. on the second Monday of the month. In addition, Senators are assigned to one of five Senate committees; those committees also meet once monthly at scheduled times set by the committee members and the committee chair. The committees are Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Graduate Academic Affairs, Planning and Budget, Faculty Affairs, and Student Affairs.