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Taylor Fontes

Not an Adjunct’s Salary

Posted on: April 17th, 2012 by Taylor Fontes No Comments

The Biden’s 2011 tax returns indicate that Jill Biden made $82,000 to teach English at Northern Virginia Community College.  This revelation has caused a stir among adjunct faculty who had thought of her as an adjunct.  She was indeed hired as an adjunct in 2009 at $42,500 yet has since been promoted to associate professor teaching a full course load.  Nevertheless, many still argue that her original salary is substantially higher than that of most adjunct faculty.   Adjunct faculty advocates wish she would use her high-profile status to draw more attention to the plight of adjuncts as she tours community colleges around the country with labor secretary Hilda Solis.

To read the full article by Kaustuv Basu and Paul Fain go to:’-tax-returns-stir-adjunct-discussion

Taylor Fontes

Voting Rights for Adjuncts

Posted on: April 10th, 2012 by Taylor Fontes No Comments

Colleges increasingly rely on part-time faculty to teach, but when it comes to giving them voting rights to decide issues before the professoriate, many institutions are reluctant.  Read more:  Inside Higher Ed

Taylor Fontes

Loss of Control – Kaustuv Basu (Inside Higher Ed)

Posted on: April 3rd, 2012 by Taylor Fontes No Comments

A husband-and-wife team at Arizona State University are likely to sue the university for violating their intellectual property rights over an online program they developed in 2009. The AAUP view is that, as a matter of academic freedom, course materials developed by a university professor belong to that professor. Even if a university participates extensively with a faculty member, a contract should be made specifying copyright ownership. Disputes over intellectual property rights when it comes to online courses are expected to increase as online education becomes more ubiquitous across universities. Uncertainty over laws pertaining to digital material and a lack of clarity over the definition of scope of employment complicate the issue.

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